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Explore Scientific DOB1045 Truss Tube Dobsonian Telescope

Explore Scientific DOB1045 Truss Tube Dobsonian Telescope

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    Explore Scientific DOB1045 Truss Tube Dobsonian Telescope

    No telescope design has changed the hobby as much as the Dobsonian Telescope. Before John Dobson's design with a low center of gravity combined with a Newtonian optical assembly became popular, the vast majority of amateur telescopes consisted of small telescopes with small mounts, making them difficult to use for serious deep-sky observations by beginners. Large commercial telescopes could undoubtedly do the job but were expensive. The ingenious combination of Dobson's simple yet effective mechanisms with big-aperture Newtonian optics gives the Dobsonian Telescope it's worldwide popularity.

    This DOB1045 Truss Tube Dobsonian Telescope is a Generation II telescope with all the updates and offers the largest aperture per dollar of any telescope type. Disassembly of the scope without tools ensures trouble-free transport even in small cars. The entire structure is optimized for maximum stiffness with minimal weight. The combination of large altitude bearings with the optimized metal structural design allows fine and smooth adjustment, even at higher magnifications. The DOB1045 is the ideal workhorse for the deep-sky observer.

    The 254mm aperture mirror collects more than 1,500 times as much light as the naked eye. Details on planets and deep-sky objects will be visible even for an inexperienced observer. Many star clusters are seen to their core, the spiral structure in distant galaxies are visible, and the complex matrix of bright and dark nebulae is an unforgettable experience. Oversize altitude (16.5-inch) and azimuth (13-inch) bearings allow for smooth operation. Easy-to-adjust collimation mechanisms for primary and secondary mirrors require no additional tools, and only one person assembly is a unique feature of this design.


    • Extreme portability with quick set up and disassembly
    • the 10-inch primary mirror with 1143mm of focal length Truss Tube Dobsonian is easily transported by almost anyone and occupies minimal space in a car for easy transport.
    • The superior components include a 2-inch two-speed rack & pinion focuser to make for precise focusing.
    • The large bearings on altitude and azimuth offer smooth pointing and stability.
    • With the use of the optional 30mm 82 Degree Series Waterproof Eyepiece (sold separately), you can visually achieve a field of view of 2.15 degrees with a 6.6mm exit pupil for incredible ultra-wide, deep-sky viewing with a limiting visual magnitude of about 13.8 in optimal viewing conditions.


    • 254mm Dia. (10-inch) 36.5mm Thick (1:7 Ratio) f/4.5 Parabolic Primary Mirror Newtonian with BK7 Glass
    • Advanced 3-point spring-loaded Primary Mirror Collimatable Cell (Adjusts from the front with hex Collimation Assist Tool for One-Person Collimation) in Metal Mirror Box with Metal Protective Lid while unassembled and stored
    • Twin fans draw air across the Primary Mirror for bringing it to ambient temperature with AA Battery Pack (Batteries Not Included).
    • Mirror Box with Folding Built-In Handle rests on the Metal Dobsonian Box with 3-point 8-inch Radius Azimuth Bearing riding on large Teflon disks.
    • Two 16.5-inch Altitude Bearings attach to Mirror Box with No-Tool Knobs and ride on Teflon Pads in the Dobsonian Box with Tension Clutch
    • 68mm MA Secondary Mirror mounted in Metal Secondary Cage with advanced spring-loaded No-Tool
    • Knob Collimation adjustments
    • 4 Sets of Dual Metal Truss Tubes with No-Tool attachment bolts
    • Aluminum Coatings with Quartz Overcoat
    • Black finish
    • Dual-Speed 2-inch R&P Focuser with Extension Tube, Compression Ring, and 1.25-inch adapter
    • Adjustable Red-Dot finder
    • Flexible, lightweight Light Baffle
    • Shipping wt 50 lbs (approximately)
    • L40" x H18" x W18”